You’re a business that is in need of a marketing boost to help profitability and connections. Where do you start? Diffactory uses a marketing strategy known as, “Performance-Based Marketing” to help companies like yours gain customers and enhance profitability.

What Is It?

Performance-Based Marketing uses a company and marketing firm relationship to help grow a business’s potential for revenue and expansion.

Let’s say business A is interested in working with a marketing company such as Diffactory to fix their marketing issues. The two collaborate on a revenue-sharing approach where both participants benefit in the process. By distributing the costs of marketing between business A and Diffactory, the pair of companies each receive a portion of the profits brought in from those marketing activities. 

As a commission-based marketing strategy, performance marketing gives companies room to explore options that work best for them and their desired audience with guidance from marketing experts like us.

How It Works

As a company chooses to expand their marketing reach on online platforms, we chip in on a revenue sharing-basis to help make their pitches online. This means we, as your marketing resource, earn a portion of your revenue that is generated by our efforts. These portions described are set as percentages that each of us receive. They might stay consistent for a period of time or they have to ability to change throughout our partnership.  

We don’t want to take the lead in your business, we want to help guide you towards success and for you to thrive in your space. 


Whether it is bringing together multiple ideas and colluding them into a single project or diverting them into different platforms, perf