Diffactory fixes expensive marketing problems for the companies we serve.

A little bit about us.

Simply put, we fix expensive marketing problems for our clients.

When our founder was the CMO of a global company, he was promised the world by outside marketing companies. Money invested did not produce the promised results. Retainers paid turned into what felt like ransom payments. Deadlines were missed. Enough was enough.

And so Diffactory was born.

Unlike our competition, we’ve been in the trenches of starting, operating and growing many companies. We’ve experienced firsthand the expensive problems our clients face. We, too, have been frustrated with the marketing industry.

The silver lining? We now get to use our unique insights to help companies build and retain more valuable customer relationships.

With a vision deeply rooted in our values, we will provide you with the tools to build a real-life version of the dreams you have for your company. Are you ready?

Kevin Oldham – CEO/Founder

Why does Kevin do what he does? Because he loves solving complex problems that drive profit and growth for clients. Because he likes the math and the strategy and the analytics and the tactics. And because of three  other things: his wife and two kids. But don’t read this and think Kevin’s some stuffy, serious CEO. Nope, in the office he likes cranking electronic music so loud that the neighbors complain. And on the weekends, he likes teaching his son sweet skateboarding moves. Kevin also loves everything about Kansas City, especially the Chiefs. (And we’d like to point out that he was a huge fan even BEFORE they won that little televised ball game in February.)

Nick Webb – Vice President of Digital

Like a dentist named “Dr. McClean” or a weatherperson named “Jim Storm,” Nick was born to be in the digital world, working on websites (or should we call them “Webb sites”). He’s a Shopify expert, a WordPress designer and a gets-sh*t-done kind of guy, and he has the industry accolades to prove it. He and his wife have two kids, so when Nick’s not busy doing dad things, he’s doing friend things, like having cookouts, watching sports and playing cards. Nick is a fast worker and also a listens-to-music-while-working worker. And when asked to sum up his team, he gave the highest compliment, saying “they’re legit.” Hopefully, as the great MC Hammer once said, they’re Too Legit to Quit. Because we like having them (and Nick) around.

Brit Summers – Marketing Manager

Brit is Diffactory’s Marketing Manager. But really she’s like a Marketing Surgeon … opening up someone’s business and dissecting it to find out how to help it grow and succeed. (So if you see her, feel free to call her Dr. Summer.) Brit’s the mom of two, and she brings that life experience to the office, where she excels at prioritizing, multi-tasking and never knowing what the day will hold. And also, giving us “that look” when we’re not behaving. Brit’s a former gymnast who currently loves yoga, but she also gets her exercise running her kids to sports practices and events.

Shane Park – Digital Strategist

If Shane’s job description was a movie title, it would be called “Driven by Data.” The plot of which would have him digging into clients’ needs! Creating a strategic plan! And forging a clear path towards revenue! You would also see him breaking down and reporting data usinghis trusty and powerful superpower: the spreadsheet. Not-so-secret fact: Shane began his career in startups and accounting (which explains the spreadsheet love), so he’s all about growth and numbers, which serve him and our clients super well here at Diffactory.

Kenny Price – Videographer/Editor/Producer

Kenny spent 11 years as a television reporter before he decided to spend his days on the other side of the camera. Now he loves telling other people’s stories through powerful video and words. You could say his passion is helping other people showcase theirs. In fact, he’s so into making sure the shot is perfect, he’ll do whatever it takes to get it—from twisting and turning, to climbing and contorting. (If this whole videographer thing doesn’t work out, the circus might be a reaallly great plan B.) When he’s not risking his personal comfort and safety on a shoot, Kenny is spending time with his family. We’re guessing they have super awesome home videos.

Kara Connolly – Storyteller

Ask Kara what she likes about writing about, and she’ll say anything … except herself. Which is why she’s having a realllly hard time right now. She WILL say that what she loves most about her job is being able to craft stories and create a unique personality and tone for every client she works with, so that they can connect with consumers in a meaningful way. When she’s not debating the validity of the Oxford comma, Kara (and her husband) stay busy with four teenagers and their wildly fluctuating mood swings. When she does have some spare time, she spends it being a mediocre tennis player and above-average shopper.   

Steph Rupp – Designer

Steph is more than a designer. She is also a dang good photographer. She’s taken pictures of food. Interiors. Exteriors. And people. (She won’t say which is easier to work with. But we hear food can be a real diva.) Steph’s an outside-of-the-box thinker and an all-hours-of-the-night worker. Which means in addition to getting awesome-looking websites, we also sometimes get emails about those websites at 3 a.m. In her spare time, Steph is a professional (yes, we said professional) ultimate Frisbee player for Minnesota Strike Ultimate. Autographs available upon request.