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Many companies have been fortunate enough to grow organically, yet they know they need to catch up in the digital age. Diffactory helps companies thrive in the digital world so they can focus on the things that have made them successful.

We are business people who happen to own a marketing company, not technicians who decided to work for themselves. Our experience in building and selling multiple companies gives a perspective that others in the marketing space simply do not have.

We’d love to have you visit our headquarters in Lee’s Summit, MO and get to know you and your business.

Kevin Oldham
Chief Executive Officer

Curious, crazy and contagious.

Our founder has been called all of these things in his career. He’s a born leader who sees things differently. Kevin launched Diffactory to address pain points he experienced as the CMO of an Inc. 5000 global franchise brand. Every time he went outside his previous company for help growing, expectations weren’t met. Something had to change and Diffactory is making it happen, one client at a time.

With a career dedicated to overcoming the barriers business owners face on a daily basis, Kevin is armed with the acumen to help your business grow methodically.

He’s a national speaker and trainer, partner at Kansas City’s business accelerator BetaBlox and is dedicated to building a company that thinks and acts differently.

He is a proud husband and dad of two little ones that keep him on his toes.

Nick Webb
VP Digital

Nick brings a unique combination of analytic and design talent to the Diffactory team. One who always finds a way to get things done, the word “no” is foreign to Nick.

Nick is a Shopify Expert, WordPress designer and overall curious guy.

Nick has worked in the graphic / web development industry for over 17 years. He has been directly in charge of hundreds of web development projects over his career with recent work being recognized by USA Today.

Sara Murray
Marketing Manager

Sara helps translate our clients’ words and thoughts into stories that resonate with their customers.

Sara cut her chops working with the big ad agencies in KC. Through a serendipitous intersection Sara was employee #2 at Kevin’s previous venture and she helped build it into the market juggernaut it is today.

Her husband is Bill Murray. Really. He’s also an ordained reverend who happened to hitch Kevin and his bride.

Shane Park
Quantifiable Marketing Manager

Shane is passionate about online advertising that is driven by actionable data. From building audiences, designing ads, and optimizing performance, he creates and manages ad campaigns to meet Diffactory’s client goals.

Shane is Google AdWords and HubSpot certified and a veteran in Facebook advertising campaigns. He excels in identifying key performance indicators from analytics and using those insights to increase conversions.

Ness Garcia
Project Coordinator

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