Real stories…
in motion.

We believe in people and telling their stories in a compelling way. Bringing their truth to the forefront and crafting their vision into outstanding content, every time.

Whether we’re helping an organization powerfully capture and communicate a deeply rooted story or nurturing a newfound vision, these companies trusted us with their ideas and we’ve helped them grow into something truly unique.

The Smoothie Shop – helping them gain traction as a national franchise system

HSMC Orizon – boosting their confidence and becoming a trusted advisor for their marketing strategy

Lovell Sagebrush Insurance Group – supporting the launch of their new business and gaining them quick momentum

Oak Road Wealth Management– providing reassuring guidance and keeping them focused on the right markets & strategies

Cumpy’s – giving them a platform and presence to grow the heart of Kansas City through custom apparel

Diffactory is about finding the problem and solving it. Diffactory is about collaboration. And Diffactory has the imagination to bring your story to life.

We’re ready to wow you too.

We’re particular about our work.
And the clients we work with.

“I hired Diffactory to help with a rebranding project, which included building a new website. The team was a true partner throughout the whole planning and execution process.

As most projects go, there were some hiccups with turning assets over to them on time. They worked extra hard to meet the launch date and even had to work through some unexpected development hurdles – which they came up with several ideas on how to resolve. Net in net, the team is smart, capable, fun and willing to go the extra mile for their clients.

They are an extension of my team and what I would call part of my ‘dream team’.

I’m looking forward to working with them on Phase 2 of our website and leveraging their expertise in lead generation and recurring revenue ”

Alicia Branstetter, VP Marketing

“I would highly recommend Diffactory to any company looking to quickly and efficiently tackle their marketing needs, large or small. Diffactory has guided me through all aspects of launching a new company.

First class wire to wire!”

Scott Wesley, CEO

“Everyone at Diffactory has been a pleasure to work with. We’ve been very impressed with the quality of work, and they make you feel like they’re constantly thinking about how to grow your business.”

Tim Denker, CEO

“Diffactory delivered our vision in a very timely manner. We needed to re-brand our ecommerce store and add a ton of functionality including the integration of subscribe and save. Diffactory nailed it.

The communication during the build was spot on, we couldn’t be happier. Thanks Diffactory for helping Pro Alpha Nutrition launch our vision!”

Kirk Johnson, Co-Founder

“Kevin and the Diffactory team are simply put, AMAZING! Regardless of your business size Diffactory can help you ignite your growing business or explode your current efforts.

They are nimble and outside the box thinkers that are able to uniquely address your needs. If you are seeking growth within your company, do yourself a favor and reach out to Diffactory to see just how they can help you.”

Dave Fulk, President

“Where to begin? Working with Diffactory was like building a friendship, not just a business relationship. Work was done quickly and cost effectively. Even with my fickle changes it was graciously accepted and changed… even made better based upon my attempt to explain my end vision.

Even after project completion there seems to always need tweaks. These were made with the vantage point that the work will never be complete until we are completely happy.

Extra items were added just because they thought it would enhance the site. Meetings were attended by Diffactory with other team members just to confirm that the team was working towards the same concept goal. Just can’t say enough… unless it would be that you would be remiss to NOT have Diffactory at least evaluate your business!”

Nikki Privitera, VP

“Working with Kevin and the Diffactory team was a great experience! As a new business owner I didn’t quite know where to start.

I communicated my needs to Kevin and let him run with designing my website. He kept me updated throughout the process and within a few weeks I was up and running. It was a positive experience and I’d recommend Diffactory to anyone and everyone!

I’ve gotten so many comments on my website! If you want quality work done right and quickly, call Diffactory!”

Manon McGhee, CEO

“BetaBlox is a school for startups where each student’s tuition is partial ownership of their company. Continuing with that analogy, Kevin is one of our best “professors”, who holds regular office hours with our best founders. His job is to hold teams accountable, impart knowledge, and mentor them through the early-stages of starting a business.

Kevin’s knowledge is both relevant, and well articulated. His attitude and energy is infectious. The teams he works with rave about the value he is able to provide.

I hope to continue to work with Kevin for the rest of my life.”

Weston Bergmann

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