Website In A Week


When we are tasked with creating a multi-functional website for our clients, we pride ourselves on working alongside the ambition of completing your website in just one week.  We have a team of hardworking individuals dedicated to formulating your thoughts into reality. Whether we have a client looking to rebrand their current site into

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Performance-Based Marketing


You’re a business that is in need of a marketing boost to help profitability and connections. Where do you start? Diffactory uses a marketing strategy known as, “Performance-Based Marketing” to help companies like yours gain customers and enhance profitability. What Is It? Performance-Based Marketing uses a company and marketing firm relationship to help grow

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What Diffactory Means


Lots of people ask us what Diffactory means. Is it even a real word? Something we made up to sound super cool and hip? Almost, but not quite.  Combining the words differentiation and factory gives you our company name, Diffactory, that we are proud to uphold.  Differentiation We think that most companies can be

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Helping Patients and Medical Marijuana Resources Connect


It is 2019 and medical marijuana is legal in the state of Missouri. Patient certification is well underway and possession, cultivation, consumption, and distribution of medical cannabis are now legal in the state of Missouri.  With this emerging industry coming to life, we made the decision that we would start serving the Missouri medical

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Why Every Business Needs a Marketing Funnel


One of the best strategies that a business can have is providing a marketing funnel for its customers. You ask, what is a marketing funnel? Imagine having a virtual employee working 24 hours a day guiding customers towards their individual wants or needs. This process ultimately boosts your business profits now and in the

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Why We Will Always Call Lee’s Summit Our Home


From the bustling atmosphere of small businesses to the intimate setting of local restaurants and shops, Downtown Lee’s Summit gives a personal touch to anyone who visits. Our founder, Kevin Oldham fell in love with this city and four years later, introduced Diffactory’s newest office in the heart of it. Located at 21 SW

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Why We Believe Marketing Sucks


Let’s talk about profitability and marketing. Most marketing is inefficient and a lot of times, it just flat out sucks. Whether it’s companies just not giving you the tools to succeed or a lack of interest that is keeping you from the results your business wants to see. Marketing has the potential to boost

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Customers Now and Customers Later


You’ve poured your time, money and heart into growing your business, but one thing is missing – you need more customers.  More customers, more profit, right?   So what kind of customers do you need to build a successful business?  More customers now or more customers later?  The answer should be both. Successful businesses use

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Why We Offer 24-month Payment Plans on Websites We Build


Most professional websites come at a substantial, upfront investment. This means you will have to shell out some serious cash for a product that might take significant time to complete and could need further work down the road. What if you’re not happy with your design or the way the site behaves? If your site doesn’t

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Hiring a Web Designer Who Hasn’t Run a Company? Bad Idea


So, you need to hire a web designer. How do you know who to choose? In my opinion, there is only one question you have to answer to make the best decision. That question is… Has this web designer run their own company before? (And by running a company I mean something other than their current

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I Need A New Phone


I don't know about you, but I am always a few models behind when it comes to my mobile phone. One of the startups I mentor made fun of my iPhone 6s last night. They said: "You are ready for an upgrade. Just hop online, and your carrier will ship your phone to you in

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Customer Journey Marketing: The Largest Opportunity to Increase Revenue


Today’s customers have endless opportunities at their fingertips when it comes to finding products and services that meet their needs.  Not only is there lots of competition, but also there are so many streams of advertising and channels of social media, that the difference in a customer choosing one product over another may be as

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Supporting Your Franchisees: The Essentials


As you prepare to franchise your business, you should build out your franchise support system. Developing these assets upfront will help you support a scalable, grow-oriented franchise system. Brand guidelines To maintain brand integrity across your franchise network you should publish brand guidelines. Present the brand guidelines to new franchisees and post them on your

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Building Your Franchise Opportunity Website


Scout the Competition Start your journey towards franchising by doing a competitive market analysis.  This is where you identify your competitors and understand their customer base so that you can help your prospective franchisee see why your business is superior to others in the field and why it will be a success when franchised.  In

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Ready To Franchise?


With your business in full growth mode, you may find yourself looking ahead to the future and wonder, “what’s next?”  Maybe you feel like you are getting itchy feet, ready to take on a new challenge or tackle the next hurdle to propel you into further growth.  Maybe you are ready to franchise. In the

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