Let’s talk about profitability and marketing.

Most marketing is inefficient and a lot of times, it just flat out sucks. Whether it’s companies just not giving you the tools to succeed or a lack of interest that is keeping you from the results your business wants to see. Marketing has the potential to boost your profits for your business as it grows and thrives in its environment and when done right, you see the results. When done wrong, well you also see the results but not in the same direction as before.

All in all, in most cases, marking sucks.

Why do we believe that here at Diffactory?

A lot of it is not measured

In today’s world, we have an advantage that puts us above those in the past. We possess technology that allows us to aggregate all of your information on one platform. From there, we can determine whether or not your relationship with a marketing company is profitable, breaking even, or if you’re losing money; all at the click of a button. Something to think about when determining the level of greatness in your results.


What most marketing companies don’t realize is that in order to take your business to the next level in a profitable and meaningful way, they must stand apart from the rest in their field. This being said, uniqueness is key. No customer wants the same unfulfilled promises made by marketing company after marketing company. Coming up with a way your company to stand apart from the rest in marketing is key to consumer relationship satisfaction and is something that is unfortunately often overlooked in today’s world.

Lack of attitude acknowledgement

What gives a business owner their chip on their shoulder? Is it their passion for what they do or how they do it? Maybe it’s the way they communicate with their customers on a day-to-day basis. These aspects have the capacity to be seen by marketing companies and to be taken into consideration when working to boost profitability. What gives these companies their edge? Most marking companies forget to ask themselves this and lack the knowledge of acknowledging these attitudes in their work.

There are so many moving parts to consider within the multi-faceted arena of marketing…why not let Diffactory be your solution?  Diffactory fixes expensive marketing problems for the companies we serve. Let’s chat soon!