Providing an Innovative Web Platform to Increase Customer and Employee Engagement:

Pendo Management Group
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The Company

Pendo Management Group was created in 2009 to facilitate connections between appraisers and mortgage lenders as part of new regulations in the housing industry. It is now a Fortune 500 company. Pendo prides itself on building relationships, ensuring great customer service and providing exceptional value from process start to finish.

Return on Investment

  • Creation of new web platform that is comprehensive and easy to us for both clients and staff
  • Platform synchs seamlessly with industry applications
  • Platform is being used daily by 200 clients around the United States
  • Increased internal and external communication channels
  • Increased customer service delivery
  • Increased employee satisfaction

Brief Summary

When it comes to connecting appraisers with financial institutions, Pendo Management, a Fortune 500 national appraisal management firm, takes customer satisfaction seriously. Started by two founders in 2009, Pendo has become a national leader in appraisal management circles.

After a period of intense growth, Pendo wished to update its current website and employee user interface while also going through a rebranding process.

The Need

Multi-user web platform to provide both clients and employees with a responsive, easy-to-use experience and increase engagement

The founders of Pendo Management required a website that would not only serve as a e-brochure for potential clients, but also a busy real-time secured employee portal with training, documents, updates and a dashboard specifically for employees within the Pendo system. The site has hundreds of customers logging in each day, so the transition from old to new sites needed to be seamless and the new website needed to be user-friendly.

Pendo Management was preparing to enter a rebranding process at the same time as the website rebuild, and digital development team would need to be flexible to implement the new logos, colors, images and copy provided by multiple specialists collaborating on the same project. Communication between all areas would need to be smooth and continuous, and the groups would need to work well together, as the project had a very sharp deadline for rollout that could not be extended. The new website would also have to sync flawlessly with other applications the company used to manage their appraisal process.

The Solution

Creation of Interactive, Comprehensive Platform for Appraisal Management Clients and Employees

Great Reputation, Exceptional Results
To create this multi-faceted highly complex site, the Pendo Management Vice President of Marketing hired marketing consulting firm Diffactory to assist with the creation and execution of the website. Alicia chose Diffactory because of their reputation for excellent communication with clients, dedication to meeting timelines, and ability to deliver sites that were visually pleasing and user-friendly while maintaining efficiency. Alicia trusted the experience and attention to detail of the Diffactory team.

Comprehensive, Easy-to-use Web Platform
Diffactory created an interactive web-based platform that allowed for explanation of services, training, education, daily task management, credential display and flexibility to make the Pendo site interact seamlessly with the outside appraisal programs required to do business. This project went live on the original due date, with all deliverables being approved by Pendo as outstanding.

The Result

Seamless Transition to New Site, Increased Customer and Employee Engagement

There was no loss of business during the site transition, and clients and appraisers around the nation could use the new platform without difficulty from day 1. There have been no issues on the employee or client side of the site since it went live, and the new site has the capabilities and look requested by Pendo Management.

The Pendo Management Team was exceptionally pleased with the results, and the company is now positioned as the market leader online. The Pendo VP of Marketing, Alicia Branstetter, had this to say about her experience working with the Diffactory Team: “So much great feedback on our new look and messaging. Made me super happy!  I couldn’t have done it without you guys. So glad I had a great team backing me and helping me achieve all of this.”