Creating a Licensing Model
to Accelerate Growth:

National Credit Federation
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The Company

National Credit Federation, commonly referred to as NCF, is a nationwide, membership-based organization. Their mission is to help people who are currently in or have successfully come through a financial crisis, take back control of their finances and credit, allowing them to achieve their financial dreams.

Return on Investment

  • Creation of new program allows company to offer business in a box solutions to credit repair professionals
  • Program has been purchased and adopted in 36 locations across the United States
  • Web Platform is comprehensive and easy-to-use
  • Eliminated need for separate delivery methods for onboarding, training and execution of program
  • Increased overall customer service delivery
  • Improved communication between company executives and regional directors

Brief Summary

When it comes to helping consumers achieve their financial goals, National Credit Federation strives for the highest level of customer service, education, and financial planning. Specializing in credit repair and debt reduction management, National Credit Federation, a premiere credit repair company with customers throughout the United States, offers a variety of solutions to help their client succeed. NCF takes pride in fostering positive client-credit specialist relationships to sustain and grow business.

But, as NCF continued to acquire clients throughout the United States, it began to see an opportunity to expand its footprint through the creation of a business in a box opportunity for credit repair professionals.

The Need

Growing the Business by Expansion through the Creation of a Regional Director Program

The Regional Director program that NCF wanted to create was both innovative and ground-breaking, as the licensing opportunity did not previously exist within the credit repair sector.

The Regional Directors would need a suite of online tools that could be easily accessible from the website, including documentation, training videos, updates and educational resources.  This platform would need to be built from the ground up and blend seamlessly with the current NCF systems.  While the idea was unique and exciting, the process by which to create this endeavor was going to be complex and challenging.  NCF determined that a digital marketing and development team was needed to create the entire Regional Director web platform, including an intranet, training plan, and all website needs.

The Solution

Creation of Business in a Box Opportunity for Credit Repair Professionals

Innovation Meets Experience

President of National Credit Federation David Fulk, NACSO, CCRA, engaged the marketing consulting firm Diffactory to assist with the creation and execution of the Regional Director program.  Diffactory CEO Kevin Oldham had built a successful franchise as the CMO of a global real estate firm, and David trusted the experience and attention to detail of the Diffactory team.

One-stop Web Platform

Diffactory created an interactive web-based platform that allowed for training, education, daily task management and flexibility to make the Regional Director licensing opportunity flow seamlessly with the parent company of NCF.

The Result

National Credit Federation Grows Regional Director Program to 36 States in Less Than One Year

The Regional Director program was launched in 2016, and has grown to 36 locations, increasing the reach and market share of National Credit Federation.  RDs started signing up for the opportunity on the first day of program roll-out, and the successful Regional Director program continues to grow throughout the United States.

36 Regional Directors are currently using the platform developed by Diffactory, and the National Credit Federation team is impressed with the results.  According to President Dave Fulk, “The Diffactory team is simply put, amazing!  Regardless of your business size Diffactory can help you ignite your growing business or explode your current efforts.  They are nimble and outside the box thinkers that can uniquely address your needs.  If you are seeking growth within your company, do yourself a favor and reach out to Diffactory to see just how they can help you.”