Lots of people ask us what Diffactory means. Is it even a real word? Something we made up to sound super cool and hip? Almost, but not quite. 

Combining the words differentiation and factory gives you our company name, Diffactory, that we are proud to uphold. 


We think that most companies can be differentiated, even if they’re in the most commoditized market. That being said, we love to dig deep into the companies we serve to really see what makes each stand from the rest. There is always a point of differentiation within a company, even if they might not see it themselves at first. That then turns into our job to help them realize it and acknowledge their marketing possibilities for what is best for their business. 


Following that acknowledgment, there is a methodical approach of communicating that differentiation and the value it holds in the marketplace. Here at Diffactory, we use a factory-like approach to do so. As a unit, we work to offer you the best quality of service and craftsmanship in the marketing world to enhance and grow your business. Almost imagine us as your assembly line to the top of your business’s potential and beyond. 

Taking the two words above and slamming them together gets you Diffactory; a team of cool, hard-working individuals driven to help your business succeed. 

There are so many moving parts to consider within the multi-faceted arena of marketing…why not let Diffactory be your solution?  Diffactory fixes expensive marketing problems for the companies we serve. Let’s chat soon!