marketing for franchisors

As you prepare to franchise your business, you should build out your franchise support system. Developing these assets upfront will help you support a scalable, grow-oriented franchise system.

Brand guidelines
To maintain brand integrity across your franchise network you should publish brand guidelines. Present the brand guidelines to new franchisees and post them on your intranet.

These are the guidelines every franchisee follows. The goal is for customers to enjoy a consistent experience from market to market.

Brand consistency helps the entire system build value.

Pro Tip: Some of your franchisees will try to change your brand. Your job is to enforce consistency. Do so by letting them know that when the entire network is in alignment, they will make more money.

Marketing Materials

Create a private online portal containing approved marketing materials for franchisees.

If you offer printed materials, offer them an e-commerce store to order materials. Having uniformity and online ease instills confidence in your franchisee. They know they have the brand blueprint behind them as well as in you, as the franchisor. You will rest easier knowing your brand is be consistent no matter who takes it on.

Training and resources

Build a private portal (knowledge base or intranet) to support franchisees 24 hours a day.

The intranet warehouses training materials, a FAQ section, online marketing resources and templates. Consider including a private online forum where franchisees can connect with each other.

Ongoing support

Even more important than the online training center, is your online support process. There is nothing that discourages a new business owner more, than feeling like they are on an island. Dealing with problems or challenges alone is the opposite of fun and productive.

As the franchisor, these new business owners will turn to you and see you as a mentor in helping them reach success . Make sure you have a support system (people, technology and processes) in place that is scalable and personal.

Implementing the right support system, right resources and right training platform are a key part of your system’s success. And you want to get it right, right?

We get that: set up an online consultation or visit us here at the office, and the Diffactory professionals will help you get it right. We have built several successful global franchises. We have also worked with hundreds of clients to help them get it right, and we know we can do the same with you. Connect with us today and we’ll set you on the right path for success.