One of the keys to success in business is always moving forward. If a business owner allows the company to rest on its laurels, their competition we’ll find ways to eat away at their market share. One need only look at Blockbuster and Kodak to see what can happen when a business fails to adapt to changing market conditions quickly. If you’re ready to take your business in a bold, new direction in 2019, Diffactory has strategies that can help you accomplish that goal.

Experiment with New Customer Acquisition Methods
Acquiring new customers is vital to the success of any business. This makes it an excellent place to start when looking for areas that can benefit from bold, new solutions and outside-the-box thinking. Diffactory is experienced at helping businesses of any size increase their number of new customer acquisitions. We’ve helped multiple companies in the Lee’s Summit and Kansas City area. Our processes have helped businesses get more clients via our proven and scalable system.

We have multiple lead generation strategies that businesses can use to meet their acquisition goals. We’ve worked with many industries, such as auto body repair, plastic surgery, dental services, attorneys and more. In each case, our process has led to significant increases in client acquisition. We can provide a 4-10x return on new business for you.

Get a New Website
Another area where a business can benefit from a bold, new strategy is with their website. Think back: if you can’t remember the last time your site was updated, then it’s probably time for an entirely new website. The principles of good web design for a businesses changes with advances in technology, as well as due to changes to the way search engines rank sites. Keeping an old site could be costing your business more than you realize.

Allowing Diffactory to design and build a new website can boost your company’s online profile, improve your SEO, and make your site more appealing to first-time visitors. We have built over 500 WordPress websites, and our experience can save you a lot of headaches and heartburn. Add in in our proven storytelling methodology and our 5×5 test, and you’re guaranteed to have a site that converts more visitors into paying customers.

Get Help from a Fractional CMO
If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, but you’re not sure what to do, Diffactory has a fractional CMO service that can identify a variety of tactics to help your business save money, sell more, and expand. The benefits of using a fractional CMO is that you get to use our knowledge and experience to improve your business without necessarily increasing your headcount.

All you need to do is tell us what your goals are and we will build a concrete roadmap to make it happen. This service is beneficial for organizations that have done things for so long that they can’t think of ways to change. Our roadmap highlights opportunities for the business and shows them the best ways to take advantage of these opportunities. Once you have the roadmap, you can implement the plan with your team, or we can implement the program for you.

Expand Your Business Through Licensing and Franchising
If you’re genuinely ready to take your company to the next level, then it may be time to consider expanding your business through licensing and franchising. Licensing and franchising your business gives you the advantages of adding new locations and employees, but removes some of the risks associated with paying for all of these things out of pocket. It may seem like a lofty goal, but every great franchise started as a single location where someone decided it was time to go to the next level.

Licensing and franchising a business is not easy. It’s good to have someone who is experienced with successfully setting up these kinds of ventures to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Diffactory has successfully helped many businesses accomplish this goal.

We’ve operated, built, acquired and sold successful global franchise brands in our careers. We used the experience gained from each of these successes to make the next franchising deal even better than the last. Act fast if this is something you would like to do with Diffactory. We only help one to two companies a year expand their business by using our proven concept.

If you want it to be, 2019 can be the year when great things happen for your company. Whatever direction you want to go, Diffactory has the tools and the knowledge to ensure that your business reaches its goals. To learn more about what we do or to schedule an appointment, book a consultation today.