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Raising the Roof for Service-based Industry Growth:

RSG Construction
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The Company

RSG Construction was launched in 2014 to provide Kansas City homeowners and businesses with a roofing option that included premium quality materials, highly skilled labor, and matchless attention to detail while also providing a completely transparent process from roofing inspection to job completion. Founder Eric Herman was determined to establish relationships with each customer and oversee each project from beginning to end. The company is set to bring in $2 million dollars in revenue this year. RSG Construction prides itself on transparency, ensuring great customer service and providing exceptional value throughout the roofing process.

Return on Investment

  • Creation of new web platform that is comprehensive and easy to use
  • Potential clients can communicate with founder directly through the website
  • Increased internal and external communication channels
  • Increased customer service delivery
  • Increased visibility on search engines

Brief Summary

In an industry littered with fly-by-night companies and half-finished jobs, RSG Construction has positioned itself as an industry leader in just 3 years by providing customers with excellent customer service and exceptional value. Started by Eric Herman in 2014, RSG Construction is one of the most sought-after roofing companies in the Kansas City northland area.

When founder Eric Herman decided to launch his business in 2014, he knew he would need a solid online presence and a way to provide potential clients an easy method to booking consultations, as well as multiple opportunities for customer contact both during and after the roofing project was complete.

The Need

Strong online presence with standout differentiation

To start the business off with a solid online foundation, the founder of RSG Construction required a website that would serve as more than just an online brochure. The website needed to be easy to navigate, explain the multiple service offerings of the business, provide easy points of contact to schedule a consultation, and establish the company as an industry leader with multiple ways to engage site visitors.

In addition, a lead magnet was created to divert potential customers away from collectives such as Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor, which were costly and unreliable means of customer acquisition for RSG Construction.

The Solution

Creation of a Service-friendly, easy-to-navigate website with an additional landing page for simple call-to-action conversion

Great Reputation, Exceptional Results
To create this multi-step marketing tool, the RSG Construction CEO Eric Herman hired marketing consulting firm Diffactory to assist with the creation and execution of the website. Eric chose Diffactory because of their reputation for being willing to think creatively to determine unique solutions, dedication to meeting timelines, and ability to deliver sites that were visually pleasing and user-friendly. Eric trusted the experience and creativity of the Diffactory team.

Comprehensive, Easy-to-use Web Platform
Diffactory created an interactive web-based platform that allowed for explanation of services, training, education, daily task management, credential display and flexibility to make the Pendo site interact seamlessly with the outside appraisal programs required to do business. This project went live on the original due date, with all deliverables being approved by Pendo as outstanding.

The Result

Multi-channel Customer Acquisition, Terrific Customer Experience

The website provides a visually intriguing platform that shared the unique values and processes that have become the hallmark of the company. Customers can easily contact a representative directly through the website. A blogging component was included, and the client uses this medium to establish RSG’s expertise in the roofing industry. A second site was established to acquire customers who would typically go to a collective platform and steers them directly to book a consultation. At the time of website launch, the company was in pre-revenue phase, and after two years of operation stands to make over $1.5 million in sales.

Founder Eric Herman was exceptionally pleased with the results, and a long-term marketing partnership with the Diffactory team was formed. Eric had this to say about the Diffactory team “Diffactory helped our company grow from pre-revenue to a seven figure business. We trust them with the financial health and growth of our company.”

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