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I'm an ordinary guy born with extraordinary curiosity...and a founder's story that involves monthly ransom payments. While launching and growing new franchise brands at United Real Estate Group, an expensive problem kept popping up: When we outsourced marketing, expectations weren't met. Almost 100% of the time. I couldn't wrap my head around all of the effort vendors put into landing us as a client, only to fail when it came to delivery of services and promises. I knew it was bad when we referenced a retainer payment to one vendor as a ransom payment. At that point I knew what had to be done. After helping United recapitalize the business with McCarthy Capital, I decided to fix the problem I kept encountering. How hard could it be? I launched Diffactory in 2015 to help remarkable businesses grow through e-commerce, licensing, franchising and subscription/membership business models. More importantly, I founded our company to fix the marketing experience for the companies we partner with. We do what we say we are going to do. We own the results. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. Every single time. We partner with companies who demand excellence internally and externally. This simple business philosophy has rewarded our company in ways we never imagined.

Why We Offer 24-month Payment Plans on Websites We Build


Most professional websites come at a substantial, upfront investment. This means you will have to shell out some serious cash for a product that might take significant time to complete and could need further work down the road. What if you’re not happy with your design or the way the site behaves? If your site doesn’t

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Hiring a Web Designer Who Hasn’t Run a Company? Bad Idea


So, you need to hire a web designer. How do you know who to choose? In my opinion, there is only one question you have to answer to make the best decision. That question is… Has this web designer run their own company before? (And by running a company I mean something other than their current

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I Need A New Phone


I don't know about you, but I am always a few models behind when it comes to my mobile phone. One of the startups I mentor made fun of my iPhone 6s last night. They said: "You are ready for an upgrade. Just hop online, and your carrier will ship your phone to you in

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Customer Journey Marketing: The Largest Opportunity to Increase Revenue


Today’s customers have endless opportunities at their fingertips when it comes to finding products and services that meet their needs.  Not only is there lots of competition, but also there are so many streams of advertising and channels of social media, that the difference in a customer choosing one product over another may be as

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Supporting Your Franchisees: The Essentials


As you prepare to franchise your business, you should build out your franchise support system. Developing these assets upfront will help you support a scalable, grow-oriented franchise system. Brand guidelines To maintain brand integrity across your franchise network you should publish brand guidelines. Present the brand guidelines to new franchisees and post them on your

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Building Your Franchise Opportunity Website


Scout the Competition Start your journey towards franchising by doing a competitive market analysis.  This is where you identify your competitors and understand their customer base so that you can help your prospective franchisee see why your business is superior to others in the field and why it will be a success when franchised.  In

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Ready To Franchise?


With your business in full growth mode, you may find yourself looking ahead to the future and wonder, “what’s next?”  Maybe you feel like you are getting itchy feet, ready to take on a new challenge or tackle the next hurdle to propel you into further growth.  Maybe you are ready to franchise. In the

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B2B Danger: No One Owns the Marketing Function


Growth doesn’t happen by accident. Many small, intentional processes and techniques must come together at the specific time using the correct vehicle to move the sales needle in the right direction. Plan, execute, measure, repeat--over and over. Fail to plan and you plan to fail, as the saying goes. What is driving sales today might

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Diffactory Named A Top Local Agency


As you may know, Diffactory has been providing high-quality digital marketing services to clients just like you in Kansas City and throughout the country since 2015. However, today we’re excited to celebrate our designation as a Top Local Agency in Kansas City by UpCity! What Does This Mean? UpCity’s Top Local Agency marketplace is a

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Storytelling to Grow Your Business With Instagram


Everyone loves a good story. This is why we embrace movies, plays, books and music. Stories have inspired and connected tribes of people since the beginning of time. What if you had the power to tell your company’s story in a way that was easy and fun to an audience that actually wanted to hear

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Top 5 Reasons Every Business Should Be in E-commerce


Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting with an idea or a well-established retailer with a thriving brick-and-mortar location, e-commerce sales should be an integral part of your business growth plan. Why should your business be in e-commerce? Here’s our top 5 reasons: Growth of the business model. Projections from almost all e-marketing researchers are predicting

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Recurring Revenue: Long-term Success in Any Economic Climate


Economic uncertainty is a way of life for most small business owners.  From small swings in the sales pendulum such as seasonal changes, to large swings brought on by recession, you can be sure that circumstances outside your control will try to wreak havoc on your business.  However, thanks to recurring revenue, you can guard

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Increasing Long-Term Value with Recurring Revenue


Not all revenue streams are created equal.  When determining the overall health and stability of your company, recurring revenue dollars go far beyond basic math in creating value for your business.  Simply stated, the more predictable the dollar is, i.e. the more likely that you will receive that dollar every month from your customer, the

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Boost Your Business by Automating Recurring Sales


Over the past 5 years, automatic payments for recurring sales have become commonplace.  Everything from diapers to razors can be shipped to your door on a pre-determined schedule and payment is billed to your credit card or debited from your bank account.  Services for cellphone service, cable, and other utilities offer this easy “fix it and

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Grow Your Business By Offering Additional Products and Services


Adding new products are services—especially those that involve recurring revenue—can be a great way to build sales and move your company forward faster.  Small businesses have been using this concept for years, and even large brick-and-mortar retailers like Sephora, Amazon, and Walmart are adding new revenue streams—including subscription programs--to their offerings with great success.  

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Subscriptions: Why and How


With the explosion of “box of the month” plans like Stitch Fix, BirchBox, and Dollar Shave Club, you might be considering how a subscription plan could work for your business.  Adding a subscription-based line of revenue to your business can be a terrific way to increase profit, decrease risk and better connect with your customers.

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